Common Piano Pedal Problems Experienced And Their Causes

Common Piano Pedal Problems Experienced And Their Causes

Piano pedals are foot-operated levers found at the bottom of a piano, used to change the instrument's sound in a variety of different ways. Able to soften, sustain, or dampen notes and chords, pedals add a whole new layer of dynamics that allow players to express themselves fully in their playing.

The Benefits Of Renting A Piano: A Guide For Beginners

Learning the piano is a wonderful pursuit with several benefits, but many may feel deflated upon encountering the biggest obstacle of every aspiring piano learner: getting the instrument itself. It is common knowledge just how pricey pianos can be; even those that are more budget-oriented may still be out of reach for most people. Investing in one is risky for various reasons, be it doubts about the piano being the right instrument for you or the possibility of losing interest in it over time.

Preparing Your Piano To Handle Humidity And Moisture Damage

The piano is an exquisitely made instrument capable of providing many hours of enjoyment for anybody, whether a budding hobbyist or a skilled player. However, the mostly wooden construction of this instrument means that measures must be taken to prevent damage from changes in humidity and heat.

Piano Fingering And The Essentials To Learn By Heart

At some point, every beginner pianist has felt that laying out the piano fingering for a piece was rather tedious. However, using the right finger numbers at the outset when learning a piece of music allows quicker learning and memorisation.

Learning Piano As An Adult: The Advantages That Come With Age

If you have recently become interested in learning the piano but are unsure if you can still do so as an adult, the good news is that you can certainly master the instrument no matter when you start! Adults looking to get into piano either had lessons as a child but did not take to it or are completely unfamiliar with all things music and simply wish to explore a new hobby. Regardless, it is never too late to learn how to create beautiful music on the piano, and age can also prove advantageous in your journey towards mastering the instrument! Read on why this is the case, along with tips for adult beginners.

Setting Up Your Home Piano Studio For Conducive Practice

Your home studio setup may be hampering your practice quality. Find out the crucial components and good-to-haves to make your piano room more conducive.