We provide a wide range of professional services:
  • Piano Tuning – from $90 onwards
  • Piano Removal – from $110 onwards
  • Piano Repair / Maintenance
  • Piano Polishing
  • Piano accessories / Spare parts
  • Trade-in also available

We welcome export enquiries for all musical instruments, spare parts and accessories.

Are you looking to tune your old piano to start playing it again, or perhaps sell it? Whether or not you have been playing the piano, all of them eventually go out of tune. This happens once every few months, especially in Singapore, where the humidity and temperature are constantly changing. In light of this, it might not always be due to your playing if the piano does not sound correct. Instead, it is possible that your piano is out of tune. The average piano tuning cost in Singapore can go anywhere between $90 to $150, depending on whether it is an upright or grand piano. 

Frequent piano repair and tuning are necessary to maintain your valuable instrument and keep it in good condition for many years to come. If done properly on a regular basis, these well-maintained pianos can last for decades while still sounding great! With the help of the experts at Mun Kai Piano, along with our excellent piano tuning service, rest assured that your beloved piano is in good hands as it gets tuned back to its original, melodious state. Our piano tuning cost in Singapore starts at $90 – feel free to contact us for accurate pricing based on your piano.

Apart from our piano tuning service, we provide a comprehensive range of professional services for all things piano: polishing, maintenance, removal, accessories, trade-in, and more. Regardless of whether you are seeking piano repair and tuning for your old piano or are looking for spare parts, do not hesitate to fill in the form below for any enquiry you may have.

Booking is subject to availability and confirmation. For urgent booking, please contact us directly.